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Treasure bear deserves upwards of 1 million treasures & is inspirational to people



Precious metals






I need more....

Sounds like a lot, it isn't.

While you might think that that's a lot of treasure, more than I could possibly have any use for, it's not enough.

I actually require many times this amount, I don't know how much but I think it's at least over 1 million times more because this amount of treasure isn't even enough to make me feel like I've got even a tiny amount of treasure and this makes me sad.

I need a lot more gems especially.

"why am a pine apple 3 times as tropical as a oranage but a apple not tropical at all?" - treasure bear

Why treasure bear should have the treasure

  • I want more treasure
  • Large thoughts
  • made a really good chocolate muffin one time
  • saw cats 2019 3 times
  • misc. stunts
  • nice

Spidere Man Ball Cinematic Universe

I am also a film maker but I prefer visual poet.

Awards winning cinamtaography in A legitimate motion picture.

If nobody comes to get this ball the ball is mine and i can play with it.

A Potent Gamer

I have defeated all dark souls

I mine & craft to great effect, concurrently or alternating, the only limit is your imagination and everything being blocks.

My favourite game is any game shared with friends.

James has stolen my encarta cd and is learning about the planets without me.

thankyou for visiting my website
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